Garlic 101

Garlic is a member of the genus allium, making it a relative of leeks, onions and shallots.  It is one of the oldest cultivated crops, and it makes everything taste better! When to Plant This naturally depends on your location.  In Seattle garlic is typically planted October through November, and then again in late February […]


Covercrop 101

What is cover crop or green manure and why use them? Cover crops can: Protect your soil from runoff and erosion Recycle and supply nutrients Replace soil organic matter Suppress weeds Attract beneficial insects Break up compacted soils         When and why: Cover Crop When to Sow When to Turn Under Key […]

Fertilizing 101

    Let’s start with the basics: N-P-K: the three primary macro-nutrients required for healthy plant growth.           N is for Nitrogen Nitrogen is a macro-nutrient, important to the green growth for all plants. Common sources of nitrogen include: Fish Meal, Blood Meal, Feather Meal Common symptoms of nitrogen deficiency include stunted […]


Overseed your lawn

How To Overseed Your Lawn

Fall is right around the corner, now is the time to make your overseeding plans! Unfortunately over time even the most cared for lawns thin, overseeding is one of the important things you can do to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Fall and early spring are the best times to overseed your lawn. Here […]

New App Lets You Report Invasive Species

The Washington Invasive Species Council just launched their new WA Invasives app, making it easier to report non-native plants and wildlife. Check it out, and get reporting! And thanks to Shanna for bringing this new tool to our attention.

Washington Invasive App

Walt’s 2014 P-Patch Custom Blends

Soils around the country differ due to geology, climate, and historical usage. Soils west of the Cascades are typically in short supply of nitrogen and phosphorous. The soil here is frequently acidic. Boron and sulfur deficiencies are not uncommon. Walt’s P-Patch Custom Blend is suited for the prevailing soil conditions of the rainy areas in […]

How to Fertilize Your Seattle P-Patch Garden

Note: This post is based information prior to Spring of 2014.  For current information please see Walt’s 2014 P-Patch Custom Blends A message for City of Seattle P-Patch gardeners. In your garden sheds, you should find a supply of our Organic Garden Blend 6-2-5. This is organic fertilizer for your plots. The amount delivered to […]

Growing Insight with Reverend Cannabis Part 1: Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Cannabis

Somewhere, Peter Tosh must be smiling. The singer, famous for his pro-marijuana stance, is now in good company. Suddenly, it seems like everyone wants to “legalize it.” In a major reverse, a recent CNN poll found that a majority of Americans approve of legalizing marijuana. Even President Barack Obama weighed in, speculating that marijuana was […]

Growing Insight with Reverend Cannabis Part 2: Soil and Nutrient Needs Updated 5/24 2

You want to grow organic marijuana that is both robust and high in THC-rich resins.  What’s the secret to making this happen? Provide your cannabis plants with a soil mix that is “sweet,” or fertile and biologically active. Organic marijuana grower Reverend Cannabis has perfected a system for indoor growing that produces soil so rich […]