Symphylans and Crustacean Meal (Crab Meal)

Just how does this product work against Garden Symphylans? ~Customer October 18, 2016. “Animal-based amendments include chitin-containing crab shells and shrimp shells that apparently stimulate populations of soil-dwelling fungi that feed on chitin. Because chitin is a component of nematodes’ egg shells, these chitin-feeding fungi also feed on these egg shells.” ( ~Walt This would […]

Straw Mulch in Fall

Mulching for Winter with Straw – one bale will be great for 100 to 200 square feet plot.  Last year we put two bales on our 200 s.f. plot but have stretched one bale over this area.  We usually move the bale into an open spot in the planting bed and cut it open.  Then […]

Roses – amending soil with oyster shell.

Recently received an email from a customer that was inquiring about amending the soil for her roses with oyster shell.  Here is my reply (looking for other thoughts here): “Yes, Oyster Shell Flour (or crushed oyster shell) adds calcium and helps raise soil pH.  Research I have examined shows that there is a limit to […]

Biochar Q&A

Biochar 101 Question:  How many square feet of bed space will a one cubic foot bag of biochar cover? Answer: 10 to 20 square feet would be about right.

Biochar 101 1

Biochar is charcoal that is made from renewable carbon-based resources (i.e. biomass) like crops, wood, yard waste, and manure. This biomass is burned at high temperatures in an anerobic environment to create the charcoal. Biochar has proven to be an extremely beneficial amendment for plant and soil health. Biochar also plays a part in mitigating […]

Lady Bugs – Tips for a Successful Release of these Beneficial Insects 2

Keep the lady bugs refrigerated until dusk (they are less likely to fly away). Mix the packet of beneficial insect food with 1 pint water (even better if water is non-chlorinated…you can let tap water stand for a while and the chlorine will evaporate out of it). Water the ground around any plants that are […]

Walt’s top 10 Gifts for Gardeners (all under $20!)

Get your favorite gardener something they will really use this year. Walt’s Rainy Pacific North West Blend Organic Fertilizer: Give their garden a boost with this 7-4-9 all-purpose organic fertilizer. Great for veggies and ornamentals a like. If your gardener is a vegetarian try our Organic Garden Blend Vegan fertilizer instead. Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Garden […]

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