Become a Ganjapreneur: Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Cannabis

Somewhere, Peter Tosh must be smiling. The singer, famous for his pro-marijuana stance, is now in good company. Suddenly, it seems like everyone wants to “legalize it.” In a major reverse, a recent CNN poll found that a majority of Americans approve of legalizing marijuana. Even President Barack Obama weighed in, speculating that marijuana was […]

The Inside Dirt: Soil and Nutrient Needs for Organic Cannabis

You want to grow organic marijuana that is both robust and high in THC-rich resins.  What’s the secret to making this happen? Provide your cannabis plants with a soil mix that is “sweet,” or fertile and biologically active. Organic marijuana grower Reverend Cannabis has perfected a system for indoor growing that produces soil so rich […]

How to Fertilize Your Seattle P-Patch Garden

Test modification Jan 29 2014>>> A message for City of Seattle P-Patch gardeners. In your garden sheds, you should find a supply of our Organic Garden Blend 6-2-5. This is organic fertilizer for your plots. The amount delivered to your community garden represents half of your anticipated fertilizer needs for the season for all the […]