Northwest Lawn Seed 3 Pound Bag


Our Northwest lawn mix is our “go-to” for over seeding and installing new lawns.

It’s an easy to grow mixture that tolerates shady areas to full sun.

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Our Northwest Lawn Seed is best for lawns in the Pacific Northwest. Use for new lawns or over-seeding existing lawns. Blends nicely with most lawns in our maritime Pacific Northwest area. Average maintenance required.  Mow at a height of two inches.  One pound per two hundred square feet for new lawns.  Up to triple that coverage for overseeding. You will receive 3 pounds in an order.

Tara per Rye 29.91%

Sherwood per Rye 29.81%

Fennway Creeping Red Fescue 19.93%

Intrigue Chewings Fescue 19.92%

Inert 0.43%

Weeds 0.00%

Noxious Weeds: None Found

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