Plant Probiotics 2 oz


Bring your soil and plants to life with Plant Probiotics!
These safe, naturally-beneficial microbes help you grow bigger, stronger, and more vibrant plants. Can be used indoors, outdoors, with potted plants, garden beds, vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, and grass. Maintain garden health using the power of nature so that you can use less of those harmful fertilizers and garden additives that pollute the environment and can poison your plants and the food you eat. This is the same proprietary mix of live microbes that professional farmers have been using for years to reliably grow healthy and delicious organic crops, and protect their wallets (MicraCulture , 2016).

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Our Earth-Friendly Fertilizer Alternative
Each bag is packed full of billions of microbes that boost plant growth, reduce soil pollution, save water and help you maintain the health of your garden.
And a little bit goes a long way – 1 package is enough for 100 square feet of garden!

*We do our best to provide you with useful, accurate information. That being said we can make no guarantees. Much of what we have posted, we believe to be common knowledge in the agricultural and horticultural worlds. In addition, we want to give credit where credit is due. Our resources page lists resources we commonly use, and encourage you to use too.

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