Get your favorite gardener something they will really use this year.

  1. Walt’s Rainy Pacific North West Blend Organic Fertilizer: Give their garden a boost with this 7-4-9 all-purpose organic fertilizer. Great for veggies and ornamentals a like. If your gardener is a vegetarian try our Organic Garden Blend Vegan fertilizer instead.
  2. Seattle Tilth’s Maritime Garden Guide: A must have for any gardener in the Pacific Northwest. This month-by-month guide is easy to follow and full of great information for even those with the greenest of thumbs. We use it in the shop all the time. If your gardener doesn’t own it, buy it. Seriously they will love you for it.
  3. Hori Hori: If your gardener doesn’t wield one of these fantastically simple, versatile tools they are missing out. Get them a Hori Hori and they will wonder how they ever gardened without it. Sweeten the deal with a low profile hori hori sheath.
  4. End/Ecto Mycorhizae: Stocking Stuffer! An incredibly versatile product, myco facilitates greater nutrient uptake, resistance to disease, and increased tolerance to drought.  Use it on everything from trees to seedlings, to minimize transplant shock, inoculate legumes, or in general garden maintenance.
  5. Atlas Nitrile Coated Gloves: With colors and sizes for everyone. These thin gloves provide maximum dexterity while keeping your hands clean and dry. You can’t have too many pairs of gloves.  Get your favorite gardener a few pairs so they have a fresh set while one is in the wash. (Bonus: They work on touch screens too!)
  6. Azomite: Minerals are all the rage in organic gardening these days. Impress your loved one with this thoughtful gift, which provides trace minerals and nutrients, ultimately increasing plant growth, vigor, and productivity.
  7. Fan Sprayer Hose Nozzle: Every gardener has wrestled with their hose sprayer at one time or another. With a broad gentle spray, this simple little sprayer is the best.
  8. Worm Castings: This might look like a bag of dirt to you, but your gardener will see this for what is is. A bag of black gold teaming with microbes that will make their plants oh-so happy. If you’re tickled by the thought of giving someone a bag of poo for Christmas, we have bat guano too! (available in high nitrogen and high phosphorous)
  9. Mini pH / Moisture Tester:  If they don’t own one you can bet your gardener thinks about buying a pH tester at least once a season. And since it’s a gift. why not go all out and get the moisture tester combo.
  10. Crab Meal: Because it’s fun to try new things. Crab meal is a vital a nutritious food source for soil microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. It can help control nematodes, symphylan and harmful plant fungi. It’s also a great source of calcium and slow release nitrogen.