Alfalfa Meal


Roses LOVE alfalfa! Rose-lovers have found that their favorite plants do better with Alfalfa Meal worked into the soil periodically.

This gentle soil conditioner will feed your soil and give roses and other plants a boost.

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Alfalfa Meal qualifies as a complete fertilizer since it has significant quantity of all three plant macro nutrients (typical NPK analysis is 2-0.25-2*). This material will release nutrients essential for healthy plant growth.¬† Plus, alfalfa residue has naturally-occurring plant growth hormones to stimulate new growth. This contributes to vigorous flowering and overall plant health. It’s a great soil conditioner which provides organic material to lighten heavy soils and increases moisture absorbency of fast-draining soils. Long-favored by rose enthusiasts, Alfalfa is the primary ingredient our Antique Rose Farm Blend (a custom organic fertilizer blend we manufacture exclusively for the Antique Rose Farm in Snohomish, WA). Garden guru Ann Lovejoy recommends spreading an inch of Alfalfa (meal or pellets) under an inch of compost on beds and boarders.

If you are looking to order larger quantities, come visit us at our store in Magnolia (Seattle) or contact us at orders@waltsorganic.com

*We do our best to provide you with useful, accurate information. That being said, we can make no guarantees. Much of what we have posted we believe to be common knowledge in the agricultural and horticultural worlds. In addition, we want to give credit where credit is due. Our resources page lists resources we commonly use and encourage you to use too.

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