Dolomitic Lime


Liming the soil is an important and traditional agricultural practice that involves remineralizing the rhizosphere. Both Dolomitic Lime and Agricultural Lime have the ability to neutralize acidic soils.

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The practice of applying Lime is integral to increasing soil fertility and productivity. Most vital nutrients required for plants to thrive become bioavailable when the soil is at a neutral level of 7 pH. Soils can become acidic in a variety of ways: from excessive levels of rainfall, mineral loss due to crop removal, and, most notoriously, when modern chemical fertilizers are used. A proper application of Lime is one of the quickest ways to rectify acidic soils.

When either kind of Lime is introduced into your soil, the soil can become more porous, which will increase air circulation and the ability of the soil to absorb and hold moisture. Notably the biggest difference between Agricultural Lime and Dolomitic Lime is that Ag Lime is primarily composed of calcium carbonate whereas Dolomitic Lime is a blend of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. It is advised that a comprehensive soil analysis is done before deciding what lime is right for your soil. When in doubt, use Agricultural Lime to avoid problematic magnesium levels.

Recommended application rates: For a slightly acidic loam soil of 5.0 pH, a yearly application of 10 lbs. per 100 square feet will raise the pH to 6.5. Application rates vary depending on the texture, acidity, and agricultural history of the soil. 

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