Organic Fava Bean ‘Diana’ (1 lb)


High yielding fava bean with 3.5-4 inch pods. Suitable for early spring or fall sowing as these beans do not like heat.

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This nitrogen fixer produces very thick stands. It is tolerant of wet soil and hardy to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sow 1/3rd lb. per 100 sq. ft. or 100-125 lbs per acre.
Certified Organic.

If you are looking to order smaller quantities (1/4 lb. +), come visit us at our store in Magnolia (Seattle) or contact us at orders@waltsorganic.com

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Weight 1 lbs

1 lbs

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  1. customer

    An email from a Customer” “I did plant the Fava beans. Wow ! I had a forest of 4 feet tall beans. I cut the plants into smaller lengths and let them compost in the garden and left the roots in the ground as you suggested. We then rota-tilled the soil. i also planted them in the front yard between my driveway and my neighbors driveway. I get so many comments about these beans. I am letting the front yard beans mature so that my neighbors can share in our bounty. I have so enjoyed these plants. Thank you!”

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