Contractor Services

Offering licensed and bonded general contractor services

Contractor Services

Offering licensed and bonded general contractor services

Contractor Services: Exceptional value for both quality and cost is our goal.

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When Walt started a small business from scratch back in 1995, he had to rely on his building and construction skill set to “keep the wheels turning” at the shop and at home. Over the past twenty years, Walt has honed this skill set and mentored his crews to perform high quality work.  Throughout the years, Walt and the crew have evolved to now tackling projects of great complexity and technical difficulty.
We have been offering licensed and bonded general contractor services to our clients for several years now. Landscaping presents many opportunities for contractor services. Retaining walls, patios, pathways, decks, and fences are the most common building projects we encounter. Permeable drainage upgrades to your landscape are important to consider, particularly here in Seattle where we are working to reduce storm runoff into our valuable aquatic ecosystem.

In fact, you may qualify for rebates from the city for installing a rain garden (select areas in the city). Water features such as dry creek beds, ponds, water falls, and rain gardens can transform your garden space with a new sensory quality.  Adding a sun room, greenhouse, or green roof projects brings your living space into the landscape.

  • Does your porch or deck require repair or renovation? Add a roof? Green roof?
  • Would you like to add a sun room to your home? A rain shelter? Gazebo?
  • How about a greenhouse for year-round gardening pleasure?
  • Do you just need those old windows that were painted shut to open again so you can enjoy the fresh air?

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