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Custom Landscape Design By Walt’s Organic Landscaping

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Custom Landscape Design By Walt’s Organic Landscaping

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: The satisfaction of a well planned landscape can bring years of enjoyment.

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Accomplishing a major landscape project can be satisfying, especially when you start with a well thought-out plan. There are a lot of details to consider, like drainage, watering systems, and lighting. If these are factored in early in the planning process, it invariably reduces overall cost, by reducing or hopefully eliminating any backtracking. And most importantly, it will improve the final quality of the project.

  • A safe place for your dog, cat, or other animal
  • Privacy screen from neighbors or traffic
  • Kitchen herb and veggie garden
  • Play area
  • Additional parking
  • Outdoor kitchen or just upgrade your BBQ area with shelter from the elements
  • Year round color

As active members of Plant Amnesty, we strive to always find the optimal plant for the right location. This goes beyond some of the more obvious components of planting roses in the sunniest possible location, and shade lovers in the shade. pH preferences and projected mature size of various specimens should be respected in the planning phase. The long term benefits mean healthier plants that will require less maintenance down the road.

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