Residential Landscape Maintenance

We Love Organic Gardening And The Results For Your Home

Residential Landscape Maintenance

We Love Organic Gardening And The Results For Your Home

Residential Landscape Maintenance: Making your home garden better every time we visit.

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We love working outside in the elements making your landscape more beautiful with each visit.

Mowing, weeding, and seasonal cleanups are the basic starting point.  Regular pruning keeps your plants and trees healthy but too much could hinder growth. Have us take the guesswork out of trimming your garden. We have the skilled staff to take excellent care of your property.

Our services include:

  • Plants and Lawn Care
  • Seasonal Color Plantings
  • Tree Services And Seasonal Pruning
  • Property Clean Up
  • Entry Way Clean Up
  • Regular Organic Fertilizing Of Landscaping

Our goal is to have your family enjoy the benefits of a well maintained home garden. You will enjoy spending time in your home garden without artificial fertilizers or dangerous chemicals.

With all the other unnatural gunk in the world, I prefer organic gardening because it’s one way I can help remove the need and use of harsh chemicals or pesticides from my garden and around me. By using natural and organic fertilizers plants are going to thrive. Sometimes it’s not always necessary as plants know what they need and how to get it. So by not getting in the way, nature can take it’s course.
Organic fertilizers treat each plant as well as the whole system around that plant or particular garden. If supported correctly, plants can survive a lot of conditions and leave a beautiful outcome.
~Darrow (Walt’s crew member)

Consider having Walt’s crew turn your home into an inviting place of refuge, all with natural and organic products and services.

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