“I don’t know…is there anything you can do”? (The James Cameron film Aliens, 1986)

The sooner we can get our thick skulls around the fact that every day actually is Earth Day, the better.

This morning, walking the dog, I picked up litter along the short three block potty walk. Since it is the “official” Earth Day, I was thinking about what I might be able to do more of, or differently, or new to help our planet (environmentally-speaking). Currently, I pick up litter at home, at work, and when I’m just out and about on a regular basis. However, I will confess I sometimes boycott picking up litter, feeling it is not just my responsibility to pick it up. Thinking…Why don’t my neighbors pick up this litter in front of their house? Why don’t my co-workers do it at our business or at a jobsite? It’s on their to-do list. I’m going to leave it for them.  Well, I guess it is not as much as a priority for them. Or they are too busy. Or they are too distracted. Or maybe they are doing something different…possibly more, in different ways.

We all have our own stories, lives, and areas of focus. I know I can do litter pick up. I’m good at it.

That is away I can help the environment, in a small but meaningful way, every day.

“Big things have small beginnings”.(The Ridley Scott film Prometheus, 2012)

Yes. I am a fan of Alien, Aliens, and related films.

You’re going to need to find your inspiration to help spur you into action. I know there are lots of other ways I can be a better but even simple things like going out of your way to pick up a crumpled receipt is still something. That one small thing is different for everyone; these are a few of the small things the Walt’s Organic Fertilizer Co. crew can do:

  • Continue to (politely) harass friends and family about turning off the water, lights, sorting compost, etc.
  • Work towards purchasing a more fuel efficient or electric vehicle.
  • Donate to organizations to support their environmental work
  • Be thoughtful about food choices (eating seasonal, local, less meat, and sustainable)
  • Use public transportation or ride a bike instead of driving

As individuals we can all take action, but so can companies. A goal of Walt’s Organic is to get receptacles for new plastic film recycling campaign.

If you need help finding your one small thing, or maybe your one-hundredth thing, then stop by the shop. Our staff can happily help you make earth-friendly product choices and or provide inspiration. We even sell books to help you (or the person you gift it to) come up with ways to honor earth day every day.


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