Planting bulbs in your garden can be one of the most rewarding fall garden activities!


Queen of Night Tulip

October and November are the perfect months to get all your bulbs into the ground.  After you bury your bulbs in fertile soil, you can walk away knowing that they will stay warm through the winter while preparing to sprout out of the ground come the first weeks of spring!

We have a plethora of flowers—daffodils, tulips, crocuses, alliums, and more—for you to choose from!  Some pop up with beautiful flowers as soon as the soil warms and some hold out awhile to give you later spring blooms.

We also have five delicious varieties of garlic to choose from, which will be ready to harvest mid-summer if planted in the next couple months.

Providing your bulbs with the right nutrients is key for vigorous growth, and we have developed the perfect blend of soil amendments for all of the bulbs you might plant.  Our Earth Nut Blend is available in our store in Magnolia, where you can also purchase any of our flower bulbs and garlic.  In addition, the blend is available in our online store: find it here.

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