natural-nitrogen-sources by walts organic fertilizers

(In no particular Order)

  1. Fish Meal: We’ve all heard the story of Squanto teaching the Pilgrims how to grow maize with Fish. Fish meal keeps with that tradition. A great slow release fertilizer best added early in the season. Fish Meal will help your young plants get firmly established by giving them an essential boost in nitrogen, with smaller amounts of phosphorous present as well.   Additionally the proteins found in Fish Meal act as food for the microbial life that lives in your soil, which will helps to promote a healthy root system and overall plant health. Try now
  2. High Nitrogen Bat Guano: High Nitrogen Bat Guano is one of the highest natural nitrogen sources we’ve found. Potent, fast acting and water soluble, High N Bat Guano is so powerful it should be used carefully and sparingly. Try now
  3. Organic Soy Bean Meal: This is a great one for our vegan friends. Soy Bean Meal is a great source of natural nitrogen, and like the fish meal, the proteins present feed all of that beneficial bacteria and microbial life in the soil. Learn more
  4. Feather Meal: With the same NPK Feather and Blood Meal are the highest natural sources of nitrogen after the above mentioned Guano. Feather Meal is slow release while blood meal is a more fast release nitrogen source.   We prefer Feather Meal because it is just easier to work with. Blood Meal can be a bit messy, but it’s great if you need nitrogen fast! We also like to mix the two in order to get the slow and quick release.
  5. Corn Gluten Meal: We are particularly fond of Corn Gluten Meal for fertilizing lawns. Not only is it a great natural source of nitrogen, but University researchers discovered that amino acid chains abundant in Corn Gluten Meal prevent secondary roots from developing properly in germinating seeds. As a result Corn Gluten Meal provides excellent pre-emergent weed control (why we refer to it as the WEED-STOPPER). Read more about Corn Gluten Meal

While these are great amendments, if you have time to plan ahead, seeding a cover crop is another great way to fix nitrogen in your soil!  Try legumes like fava, clover and vetch!

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